Peonie & Me family update x

This autumn against a backdrop of bright leafy hues and warm cognatic shades, there is a sense of newness on Peonie & Me.  I’ve realised, that since starting my mummy blog, I’m no longer the woman I was back then.  Becoming a Mum has changed me and I’m on a journey to figure out who I have now become.  

My life now is different, my body is different and my mindset is in a total different place.  All of these things happened at the same time and its hard to know what attribute to take on first.  However being the best Mum I can be to my gorgeous two boys Henry and Georgie is paramount.

I never imagined the amount of love I could have for my two babies.  Its so true, your love doesn’t split in half when you have another, it doubles.  I thank God everyday for these precious Little Monkey’s, they are making life so exciting and are the reason for all my life changes.  

Henry makes me laugh everyday.  He is currently PJ Mask obsessed and loves running around the house in his little cape, role playing in his little mind and creating his own little world.  

He has taken to brotherhood amazingly well, there doesn’t appear to be any jealously towards his new sibling, however we do have some daily challenges.  Usually when he wants to hold Georgie, or they both need me at the same time.  However mostly he just wants to kiss his little brother and play dinosaurs with him.  So incredible when Henry was used to having our undivided attention.  Henry, I am so proud of you….

Our first Little Monkey is still continuing to come on leaps and bounds and his development is astounding.  His speech daily is getting stronger and I’m amazed as his ability for puzzles and memory games.  Plus he’s still the most beautiful toddler in the entire world. 

Georgie at 9 weeks today is coming into his own personality.  As I write this, Mini Moo is laying next to me fighting Bronchiolitis, the after effects of catching a cough from his brother.  Yesterday we attended our children’s hospital and he was a real trooper.  He was so patient whilst being probed by the doctors.  Today he is doing much better, little gurgle noises and milky smiles are the order of the day, amongst a billion of cuddles… of course.  

Georgie’s little face continues to change daily and if you follow Peonie and Me on Instagram, I have documented those changes.  We are still yet to determine who he looks like, but maybe he’s supposed to just look like himself.  Equally as beautiful as Henry, but with a patient little soul.  

So what next?

I have a lovely stretch of maternity leave left to enjoy, which includes everything motherhood has to offer.  Having suffered during my pregnancy and being unable to walk, I feel such guilt at having not been able to play with Henry.  I am making up for this now with trips to the park, trampoline centres and hopefully swimming this autumn.  Such simple things, but seeing Henry’s face light up at his Mum jumping her little socks off, brings such joy into his eyes.  

I did so many baby groups when Henry was born and do feel a little guilt at not having signed us up for any yet.  However its still early days and I hope to take him to baby massage soon.

But what about me?  Well I am currently working on a an exciting project that I hope to share with you soon.  This little idea of mine is a long time coming and feels like the perfect next step in my life.  However it also terrifies me as I will be putting myself ‘out there’ in a different way.  But maybe thats just what this little Mummy needs to shake up her life all over again.  

Thanks for reading xxx

Beautiful images by Katie Fallon Photography

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