Capturing your family at Christmas with Katie Fallon Photography x

Every morning, before the boys wake up, I have a quick glance at “On this Day” a marvelous little app that captures and delivers what I did this day, over the past few years.  With Christmas a mere hop, skip and jump away, my feed is currently filled with Henry, sitting under the tree in an array of Christmas jumpers and patterned tights.  This will be his third Christmas, thankfully for him minus the tights, but a moment I will still want to capture.

It will also be Georgie’s first Christmas, so more now than ever, I want to ensure I have beautiful pictures to look back on.   & with a house that currently resembles an empty art gallery, I am keen to fill our white walls with treasured memories.  You know, the type of pictures the boys will cringe at in their teens.

Thankfully Katie Fallon, a photographer that came into my life during my pregnancy, came around to snap my 2 boys in their Christmas best.  Saving the festive jumpers for Christmas day, this year I thought I would do matching pjs.  These beautiful tartan check styles come from John Lewis and they are deliciously soft.  Growing up we always had Christmas eve pajamas, this is a tradition I want the boys to have.  So I am looking forward to snuggling up with the boys, with a mulled wine (us) and milk (boys) and watching The Polar Express.

But before this moment in time is gone too soon, Katie managed to create these beautiful pictures that will be with our family for a lifetime.  Katie is the girl you instantly want to become best friends with.  She is lovely, funny, relatable (a Mum of two also) and has this unique way of making you feel at ease in front of the camera.  Georgie took to Katie immediately and posed his little 3-month head off for the camera.

Henry, on the other hand, was up to his usual mischievous self.  He wouldn’t keep still for the camera and being mid-morning, he was full of beans.  Whilst I was flapping trying to keep him still and tame his mental hair, Katie took it all in her stride.  She encouraged him to show her the tree and his red car.  This helped keep him still long enough to get some images.  I would have given up by now.

For this reason, I never thought I would love the pictures as much as I do.  Katie has captured Henry’s cheeky self, with his grin and twinkle in his eyes.  & for Georgie, his wide-eyed wonder at the new world he is in.  I could never have done this so I will be forever grateful.

Thank you Katie & Merry Christmas from Peonie and Me x

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