Mum of Boys x

Growing up, I never imagined, I would be a Mum of two boys.  I always thought I would have a boy and girl, maybe because I grew up amongst brothers and sisters, or maybe it was simply because I longed for a girl.

The moment I got pregnant with Henry, I instantly knew he was a boy.  The way I was carrying (all front bump) screamed boy, but I just knew inside, that I was carrying our little baby blue.  I was over the moon at having a son and for the last 2 years he’s been in the world, I’ve taken to playing cars, dinosaurs, and barbies (he loves combing their hair) with lots of enthusiasm.

When my husband and I talked about having another baby, I just assumed she would be a girl.  Hey, I had a name picked out for as long as I can remember, which was inspired by the novel Ballet Shoes, by Noel Streatfeild.  However, just like with Henry, the moment I got pregnant, I knew I was carrying another boy.  & surprisingly, I was ok with it.  I prepared myself for gender disappointment, thankfully it never came.  Well not for me.  It hit Ben, my husband, and Mum, much more, but they said they were more disappointed for me.

Instead of gender disappointment, I did suffer from, “not being able to shop for a new baby disappointment”.  Everyone kept saying, “another boy, how lovely, you won’t need to buy anything”.  I just shot them silently with my eyes and hoped my frugal husband couldn’t hear such blasphemy.

Georgie joined our little family in August and I couldn’t imagine our world without him.  He is such his own character, has his own little look and each week his personality shines through.  So different from his older brother, but so similar in their mannerisms.

Henry is a loving little boy.  He loves to cuddle and hates to see anyone upset, including Georgie.  Currently loving everything and anything dinosaurs and running.  He loves to run and is super fast.  (Must get it from his Mum, haha).  He is also a little daredevil and is obsessed with this Nana, my Mum, as she encourages him to dive bomb from her sofa.

Henry adores Georgie.  He loves kissing his little face, laying on the floor next to him and getting involved in bathing/playing/changing him.  Georgie used to look overwhelmed by the constant attention, however now he giggles away at Henry’s crazy antics.  They are beautiful together and I hope they become the best of friends.  Or at least mostly so.

Georgie is very laid back.  For Henry’s constant babble, Georgie always looks very chilled.  But they say that’s a 2nd child trait as you as a parent are more comfortable with parenting.  I have many friends who would disagree with this statement, however, it does ring true for Georgie.

So what does the future hold as a Mum of boys? Other than debating whether to sell my wedding dress (I doubt the boys will want it), I don’t think my life differs much from a Mum of girls.  We all fall instantly in love with our babies, they are a part of us, with their own unique personalities.

As long as they remain Mummy’s boys, all is good in the world.

Are you a Mum of boys? How do you find it?    x

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