10 Things I love about you x Georgie




Dear Georgie,

My beautiful baby boy.  This week our little lives will change and our gorgeous baby bubble will need to grow to allow for life changes.  Those changes are your Mummy returning to work and you transitioning to a nursery.

For sure you are a Mummy’s boy, primarily because as a late summer baby, the last 8 months have been spent at home, cuddling from the weather.  So unlike your brother, you haven’t been exposed to as many people and other babies.  However I know you will love your new adventure at nursery and as such a pleasant and happy little boy, you will grow and develop further.

Before life becomes a whirlwind of drop-offs, quick goodbye kisses and possible pick up tears, I just wanted to write down 10 things I love about you.  10 things that make you, you and things I never want to forget about the baby boy you are today.

1. Your deep little laugh when I tickle you or pull silly faces, or when Henry is being silly in an attempt to hear your chuckle.

2. The funny little faces you pull whilst trying new flavours of food for the first time.   You scrunch up your little lips in a grimace. However, you love feeding yourself and being independent of your food.

3. You gorgeous smile when you wake in the morning or from a nap. Your whole face lights up with beautiful with your cheeky face.  Especially if you wake in our bed and see my face next to yours.

4. The constant rattle your chest makes because you are forever fighting a cough or cold. Will your bedroom forever smell of Olbas oil?  Despite working your way through the common cold list, it never gets you down and you fight through it.

5. How you are instantly soothed in the night when you are in my arms or my breath is against your cheek.  However when it comes to naps, you love to self-soothe, no cuddles thank you, Mummy, I’ve got this.  Then you roll onto your side, later propped up with Ewan (he will always have your back).

6. How you are forever terrorised by Henry and yet never tired of his cuddles and laying on your little legs.  He adores you Georgie and I know you love him deeply.

7. How every time you poop it gets everywhere and always involves a new change of clothes. Yet the relief on your face and “I did it mummy” smile makes it ok.  Except when you ruin my favourite vests :o).

8. Bath time. If you could stay in the bath all day, I think you would. You love to stand up in the bath and bounce back down into the water.  However, it’s when Henry gets into the bath too that makes your day.

9. Last week your Grandad Musa popped you on the floor with Henry’s toys and it was the best day of your life.  You kept looking over at me to check it was ok and then got stuck into the dangerous dinosaurs, suspiciously small lego and cars.

10. How you look like me and recently how your little arms go out for a hug or pick up.  I melt inside every time, thank you for loving me as much as I love you. x









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  1. June 18, 2018 / 12:37 pm

    Awww this is so so lovely!! Your photos are seriously gorgeous and Georgie is the most beautiful baby boy, this whole post is just magical 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

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