A new season of Peonies…

Back in the limelight

Once upon a time, I started a little Mummy blog called Peonie and Me. It was my own personal corner of the internet for which I could share my journey into motherhood.


I loved my little online diary, however, it was almost a year ago today that I hung up our jelly sandals and fisherman hats in order to develop My Mummy Style Empire.


However as time has gone by, I’ve noticed a significant gap in the diary of my children’s lives.  I’ve realised that my blog wasn’t just about pretty pictures and cute outfits, it was a collection of memories, some of which I would now struggle to recall if I hadn’t taken the time to write them down.


Memories such as the births of my two boys Henry and Georgie, both so different and yet have played a significant role in how I later approached parenthood.


Since moving away from Peonie and Me we have become a family of five. Remarkable considering we have always believed we wouldn’t have any more children after the boys. But baby Posy came along and it’s like she was always meant to be.


So today marks the return of my little blog and my Peonie plus three. I thought I would celebrate our return with a little tea party. I had this Instagram meets Pinterest romantic view of the kids all behaving beautifully so we could capture our moment back in the limelight.


Truth be told, I spent most of the photography time trying to stop my dairy intolerant toddler Georgie from eating the buttercream cake and trying to look fabulous whilst soothing Posy.

Thankfully Henry was a delight and smiled in all the right places. By the end of the shoot (we lasted 4 minutes) the boys tucked into the strawberries with delight, minus their linen shirts of course.


I’d love for you to follow our new adventures either here on the blog or via Instagram, the snapshot app of life. Both the beautifully captured shots and all the toddler dramas that happen in between x


Images by the incredible Katie Fallon Photography x

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