Arket… My new favourite clothing shop for kids


When it comes to shopping for my children’s clothes I have three main qualities I search for; high quality (especially in this new sustainable era) affordable and classically stylish.


Whilst shopping for Henry and Georgie, I love easy to wear basics, with clean lines and a subtle colour palette that can be mixed and matched.  Ultimately I want the boys to be able to climb trees one moment and then be able to look presentable at a party the next.


One brand I’ve recently discovered that ticks those boxes is Nordic brand Arket, a retailer with long lasting design at the forefront of their style philosophy. They put effort into sourcing durable and sustainable materials to create high-quality products that can be used and loved for a long time.

An idea I can get behind, especially when many of my eldest clothes have been passed down to his sibling, still looking as new as the first time they were worn.


Favourites within the collection include their extensive mix of Breton stripe tees in natural fabrics. The humble horizontal stripe comes in a mixture of dark hues, from the classic navy, charcoal, burgundy and bold black.  To the beautifully bright playground greens, reds, yellows and oranges. Necklines are slashed or rounded and two-way stripes allow for rolled up sleeves and layering.


Another favourite within their summer collection is the fisherman style knitwear.  Cable knits and ribbed jerseys come in an array of Crayola inspired colour blocking stripes and classic fisherman navy and white. Shapes worth investing in, whatever the time of year.


T-shirts are playful with bold animal motifs that are both playful and yet timeless in the way character tees can never be.  Jeans are more of the slim variety vs. the skinny, which lends itself to the idea that kids should have room to play.


Another thing Arket does well is weatherproofing your kids all year around. Their collection of rainbow wind jackets, printed raincoats and summer gillets are the perfect outerwear options for our own unpredictable English summers.


For Posy my 4-month-old baby girl, Arket offers up a miniature version of their children’s range, stripe tees are replaced with bodysuits and seersucker rompers.


Overall it’s a new brand I will be reaching for time and time again for everyday wardrobe staples in my aim to not only practice responsible shopping but also to ensure my kids always feel they can be free in their clothes.

This is not a sponsored posts. All products have been bought by me and all thoughts my own.

Stripe tops as worn by Henry and Georgie

Navy & White Stripped Long Sleeve T-shirt

Red & White Stripped Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Images by Katie Fallon Photography


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