Joie de Virve – Versatrax Pram Review

Pram gifted as part of a collaboration with Emma’s Diary.

I love beautiful things. Whether it’s fresh flowers in my home, pretty dresses hanging in my wardrobe or a camera roll of home decor inspiration, I’m a magpie for beauty.

Since becoming a parent, style and practicality have gone hand in hand during my pushchair purchases. My first pram was black with chrome finishes and a basket that could fit another small child. Grey soon replaced black as my colour of choice but the baskets always remained roomy.

Therefore I thought I had the DNA of my pushchairs confirmed until a recent collaboration with Joie turned it on its head. A trusted family brand, they put practically, durability and functionality at their forefront of their products, all wrapped up in beautiful designs.

One such model is the Joie Versatrax a 4-in-1 pushchair that combines carrycot, infant carrier and forward and rearward facing seat all in one ride. But that’s not why I love it.

Yes the ride is smooth, the easy fold up and down seamless, whilst the basket is everything a Mum of three could wish for. But it’s the beautiful Laurel colour that has me pushing it like I’m walking in my own everyday catwalk.

The green-grey colour is so versatile that I’m yet to find an outfit combination on Posy that doesn’t compliment the leafy tones. Plus it doesn’t matter what ensemble I manage to pull together for the school/nursery run, the pram elevates my daily uniform. It’s my little touch of Joie de Vivre x


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