Posy’s First Christmas x

Let me set the scene. It’s Christmas day and amongst the twinkling fairy lights and sparkling baubles; my three beautiful children play excitedly with their new gifts. The living room currently looks like a magical wonderland of presents, discarded gift wrap, shiny bows and festive delight. We are all still snugly dressed in our pyjamas and nibble on smoked salmon blinis, warm pastries, juicy blueberries and bowls of porridge.


This year more than ever I love our Christmas decor. It’s the perfect harmonious mix of delicate glass baubles, adorned with pearls and beads and little knitted animals to ignite the children’s imaginations. We also have homemade crafts from the little ones, delicate glitter fests created with their little hands and hung proudly from the tree.


Henry aged 4 (nearly 5; as he reminds me) cannot believe Santa has been and remembered he wanted a shiny new blue bike. He tries riding his new wheels around the house, not so successful on the thick rug, but he perseveres. His gorgeous little face is smiling all day and he stays on his best behaviour since he made the nice list this year.


Georgie aged 2 just loves following his big brothers lead and opens his gifts with excitement. His little cheeks are flushed from all the gift unwrapping, his giddiness infectious as his little blond curls bounce around the room. By midday he falls into a sleepy nap, ready for greeting his family for Christmas lunch.


This was Posy’s 1st Christmas and despite being too young to understand, she is giddy with her brother’s laughter. Currently crawling and standing against everything and anything, she suddenly seems grown up in a toddler way. She has a beautiful baby doll called Sprout that is a mirror image of her and we both brush her hair and put her in her basket to sleep.


The children dress this year in oversized cream chunky knits, skinny jeans for the boys and a tartan dress with tights for Posy. They look festive, yet snuggly, in a Scandinavian kind of way. In previous years I’ve bought into traditional Christmas jumpers, but this year I’ve opted for something that will take them beyond December.


For the first time, we host Christmas dinner and I loved dressing the table and preparing the house. Eucalyptus leaves, purple thistle and pine branches become the centrepiece for the table and dotted about are our wedding candle holders. There is something beautifully nostalgic about having something from our big day, mixed in within the foliage.


Dinner was prepared by my Mum and Dad and tasted delicious. Three courses of indulgence and scrumptious food and many glasses of sparkling bubbles were poured for all.  Overall it was a relaxed day with the children taking centre stage in the day.


We played, we laughed, we ate, we cuddled and we slept like babies that night.


How did you celebrate your special day? x


Images by Katie Fallon Photography


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