What my children are really wearing whilst staying at home x


At some point this week, I realised that my children for the most part of being in lockdown, have been sporting an array of clothes best suited for bedtime.


Henry & Georgie in-particular have no real impetus to get dressed each day and Posy has somehow followed suit.


I mean the morning starts off on the right slippered foot… I select cute little coordinating outfits for each of them and then try and coax them out of their PJ wearing comfort zones.


They ignore me of course or worst still finally change only to spill breakfast/milk/paint/glitter/mud (delete were applicable) all over themselves adding to my mountain of daily washing. And yes you’ve guessed it, end up back in their pyjamas. 


Thankfully they do have some pieces that could be labelled loungewear, but mostly they wear a collection of lovingly worn nightwear, sporting a superhero or customised printed onesie (probably strawberry stains).


With no real purpose to get dressed, its hard to inspire them into shorts and t-shirts, an effort which now seems momentous in our new relaxed life. Truth be told, Henry and Georgie have taken to running around naked in the garden most days, little feral children with no consistent daily routine.  


I’m hoping that by making this confession, I’ll yield the kind of life-affirming visuals from you lovely readers, that ensures we’re all in this together.

Images by Katie Fallon Photography

Taken in January before lockdown

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