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Review: My Wish Tree, the perfect tree gifting service for your loved ones

“We also hope whatever you wish for comes true and makes your world greener”.

“To the Wishing Tree,” Henry shouts at full running speed, his younger siblings running as fast as their little feet can carry them, towards our new garden addition.


“What are you wishing for today Henry?”, I ask, already knowing the answer as it’s buried amongst the soil, carefully written as a permanent wish.


“For the corona-virus to be gone, so we can hug our family again”, he says with so much conviction, my heart swells.


I never imagined that our gifted Wild Cherry branches from My Wish Tree would play such an important role in our lives right now.  Created and nurtured by my beautiful friend Sarah, her gift to us has inspired my children’s imaginations, prayers, hopes and dreams.


The heart of My Wish Tree is the gifting aspect of the brand, with over 25 species of trees, to gift to your loved ones.  From classic woodland varieties, fruit, florals and ornamental trees, there is something for everyone.  Each tree comes beautifully presented in eco-friendly postal tubes and letterbox envelopes.  We also received a wishing card adorned with rose quartz, to add our wishes on to and plant with our Wild Cherry Tree.


For every tree purchased, My Wish Tree donates £1 to have a tree planted where they are most needed through a charitable planting organisation.  Your gift also comes with a tree bomb which you can drop in your local park or forest to help make our world much greener.


When I look back at our time in lockdown, I will forever be thankful for our garden and the little things that will spark a million memories.  From our apple and pear trees, flourishing with stunning blossoms, the tiny buds turning from the deepest of pinks to palest rose tones.  Filling our garden with colour.


The boys learning to climb our trees, Henry finally reaching the highest branch, grinning ear to ear with his achievement.  Georgie not far behind on the first branch.  Their sense of adventure is a treasure to watch and protect, reminding us what a gift it is to be able to work from home.


The lavender also smells divine, the perfect scent for relaxing the children ready to bed, after a day in the pool or garden games.  Being at home with three little ones has been intense, but those rare moments of silence and peace as a family; has strengthened our bonds.  Henry, Georgie and Posy have become very close, playing together all the time and I’m so proud of that.


So I guess if I step back, the Wish Tree has already given us everything we could want right now.


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